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The North Bohemian Research Library in Ústí nad Labem is a contributory organization, whose institutor has been Ústí Region since 2001. By course of law No. 275/2001, as amended by the Act No. 1/2005, on libraries and conditions of pursuit of librarian and information services, The Library is a regional library fulfilling the function of a borough library as well. The North Bohemian Research Library thus consists of Children’s Library, General Readers Lending Room and Music Department, which are situated in W. Churchilla 3, and of Reading Room in Velká Hradební 49 and 7 branch libraries in various parts of the City of Ústí nad Labem. Research library function is represented partly by Music department, incl. Library for the Sight Handicapped that serves the blinds and sight disabled users, The English Literature Department in W. Churchilla 3, Research Library Lending Room and by specialized study rooms and departments in Velká hradební 45 and 49.  The North Bohemian Research Library performs and coordinates regional functions of selected authorised libraries in the region and is an authorised library itself for former Ústí district.


The North Bohemian Research Library